Dubai Marina:
This is now known as the new dubai having built manmade in the world, the tourists, holidaymakers and travel explorer can enjoy the deep fishing, water sports and activities, wind surfing, parasailing, diving and deep swimming and other many more things. This is one the largest residential area with capacity of 120000 people, there are numerous luxurious hotel, restaurants, resorts and entertainment parks are situated. The tourists can go to the shopping venues, parks and the beaches for swimming or the water activities. The marina district has dubai internet city, dubai media city, American university in the dubai, and it has the 
connection with dubai metro
Palm Island:

  • The palm island which is archipelago created in the shape of palm tree and providing the residential, parks, hotels, restaurants, amusement and entertainment things to do in the palm tree, and is situated in the Arabic ocean which completed this project in the 2003 and there is near by the jumeira beach which is the most popular beach destination in the dubai and the palm island is having the many private beaches where you can enjoy the beach life freely. This is considered on the most aqua venture Water Park and project in the world. the very close of it there are two the best hotel Burj al araba and Jumeira atlantis.palm-tree island Dubai 

  • Burj Khalifa:
    One the tallest free standing building structure in the world was created during of years from the 2004 to 2010 and its official inauguration was happened 4 january 2010 with great shows, crackers, fireworks display, it has 160 floors with capacity for 35000 people at one time. it was nearly $ 20 billion projects with height of 829 meter. There are so many things to see and things to do in Burj Khalifa, which provides the highest observatory Deck situated at the 124 floor, from this point of building you can get the beautifully and panoramic view of the city. There are many world the most popular restaurant and hotels are situated, this is also residential and some its floor are reserved, it is one of the top destination and visited places in the dubai and the entrance in the building is not free, at the bottom there is dubai fountain which has display of water with music tunes and pulses.

    Burj Al Arab:
    This has been built in the shape of sail of ship reason behind is the legendary story and inspiration of that, it is considered one of the most luxurious and costly hotel in the world with having the designation of 7 Star alone in the world. it has been erected at the archipelago in the Arabic ocean which is nearly 290 meter away from the jumeirah beach in to the sea, it has become the iconic landmark of dubai and described as the spirit of dubai, and it is the most famous structure in the dubai which is served as the finest and best accommodation for luxurious and tourists in the world and inside the Burj al arab, one the top ten rated restaurant in the world is situated and it looks very beautiful and pleasant at the night, the rate of room is ranging from the $1000 to $27000 for per night.

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